After The Fall: Il VR Action FPS in uscita a dicembre

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After the Fall, out in December, brings fast-paced 4-player co-op action in VR to PlayStation, PC and Oculus Quest 2 with cross-platform multiplayer support

After The Fall: release date and first images

If you love First Person Shooter in VR you will be happy to know that Vertigo Games announced the upcoming release of After The Fall. This is the brand’s largest project to date, and consists of a fast-paced 4-player cooperative VR action FPS. The game will be released for PlayStation VR, PC VR and Oculus Quest 2 on December 9, 2021. The release on Oculus Quest 1 will follow in 2022. The news came complete with an official release trailer.

Already famous for the hit FPS VR Arizona Sunshine, Vertigo Games offers fast-paced co-op action to VR gamers around the world. The game will also offer cross-platform multiplayer support.

In After the Fall, civilization was halted in the 1980s by a new ice age that threatens to drive humanity to extinction. Experiments conducted in a desperate attempt to make humans more resistant to cold have gone terribly wrong. These gave birth to ferocious undead creatures called Snowbreed, monstrously mutated by the relentless cold. About twenty years later, humanity is pushed underground and its survival depends on the Harvest Runners. These survived brave enough to venture into the Snowbreed-infested wasteland to bring back vital supplies.

Players will venture into the remnants of a frozen post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, wield deadly weapons and 80s-inspired technology with real-world motion, and develop their own fighting style by joining forces with players from around the world as they clash with hordes and bosses in the attempt to leave the city in better condition than their predecessors.