BMW: the new Remote Software Upgrade for around two million vehicles

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The new BMW Remote Software Upgrade focuses on expanding the driver assistance functions. In addition, My BMW App offers two weeks of exclusive access to the new software.

The new Remote Software Upgrade arrives for around two million BMW vehicles

Officially arrives the Remote Software Upgrade, which improves overall vehicle key functions BMW. This is the third over-the-air update of the year this time around for about two million vehicles of the brand. By the end of 2021, the largest fleet in the world, compatible with the upgrade, will be on the road. In fact, they will count over 2.5 million connected BMW vehicles. These will include both conventionally powered cars and plug-in hybrids, up to full-electric solutions.

The Remote Software Upgrade campaign of BMW Group it started on 11 October 2021. The campaign started in Germany and then gradually involved the other markets.

This extensive remote software update operation will focus on expanding and improving driver assistance capabilities. Spotify it will also improve the entertainment experience offered by the BMW Connected Music and will also be able to play podcasts. Drivers of M3 and M4 will have a special new acoustic experience, thanks to the M Sound Control. Each of these new features offers customers greater convenience, greater safety and greater driving pleasure.

The novelty of this campaign is that users of My BMW App they can download the latest version exclusively for the first two weeks. The update will then be available to all customers as an automatic download, directly through their vehicle.

My App connects customers to their vehicle via their smartphone, transforming it into an intelligent interface. In addition to allowing new software to be downloaded, the app also provides a convenient way to schedule travel or service appointments. From November 2021 the App, among other features, will offer functional improvements in the field of electric mobility. It will also be able to provide information on the status of the vehicle.

With the current update, over 30 models and 1.6 million vehicles worldwide, they will be able to update their software directly. It will also be possible to install the current version (Ver. 21-07) on approximately 400,000 other vehicles, equipped with an older version of the software. The requirement is that these have a software version with upgrade option (Ver. 20-07). To get it just install the previous version. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s our guide on this.