Dopo il successo di Lensa AI, le app di arte generativa invadono l’App Store thumbnail

After the success of Lensa AI, generative art apps invade the App Store

We could call it “AI Lensa effect”. The very popular (and controversial) app that is depopulating on the net has been a sort of Trojan horse, silently entering the rankings of digital stores and leaving the door open for numerous similar applications. And it is an international phenomenon. Just think that In the United States, the top 3 most downloaded apps on the App Store are all occupied by AI photo editorsand in first place there is obviously Lensa AI.

However, if you have spent the last few weeks in a remote place without internet, and you have no idea what Lensa AI is, just open any social platform. You will easily come across incredibly realistic illustrations and avatars of your friends. In short, photos that become paintings. Thereby even Mario, your old middle school friend, who you don’t know why you still follow on Instagram, will look like the fruit of René Magritte’s magical brush.

However, all that glitters is not gold, on the contrary. The app is accused of use, without authorization, works of artists (real, in the flesh) to give users their avatars back. For more information, we recommend reading:

The success of Lensa AI & co. on the App Store

More generally in the top 10 of the most downloaded apps, 8 they are photo editors that take advantage of AI. In first place in the App Store, as we said, there is Lensa AI, which recorded 12.6 million global downloads in the first 11 days of December. A 600% increase from November’s 1.8 million.

In second place we find AI Art: AI Image Generator. The title is a real web positioning exercise: endlessly repeated keywords. Closes the podium Dawn – AI Avatars, which allows you to create and edit avatars from a text command. AI Art was installed approximately 1.7 million times (December 1-11), up 229% from 71,000 in November (November 20-30).

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