Rowenta X-plorer Serie 75 S+, robot vacuum cleaner with automatic emptying

Rowenta X-plorer Serie 75 S+, robot aspirapolvere con svuotamento automatico thumbnail

Rowenta announces the new robot vacuum cleaner Rowenta X-plorer Serie 75 S+which thanks to the automatic emptying allows you to forget about cleaning for 60 days. With the powerful suction and laser navigation, together with the system Aqua Forceallows you to clean with precision and effortlessly.

Rowenta X-plorer Serie 75 S+, robot vacuum cleaner with automatic emptying station

Robotic vacuum cleaners make cleaning easier, but X-plorer Serie 75 S+ he wants to do it even more exceptionally. In fact, when he returns to his charging station, it empties quickly, in barely 20 seconds. You will then have to empty the station once every sixty days (with the app reminding you when to do so).

Laser navigation Smart Exploration 8.0 allows you to recognize obstacles and create maps of the rooms in the house. Which you can personalize by placing no-go zones, virtual barriers. Just as you can choose the cleaning frequency for each room and save multi-floor maps.

Il robot does a 4 in 1 action, with powerful suction, the motorized brush to capture all types of dirt, the side brush for difficult corners and the Smart Aqua Force system wash and vacuum in one pass.

With the app you can set the water flow and the areas with the carpet where not to wash but only vacuum. All with a high level of silence guaranteed by Silence technology. The battery allows for cleaning up to 120 minutes, also covering areas as large as 120 square meters.

You can buy this product on the Rowenta store and from major stores for the recommended price of 749,99 euro. But until December 24th you can find it at 499,99 euroto which to add an additional discount of 10% with the code GIFT10. Don’t miss this opportunity for a really comfortable gift!

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