Age of Darkness: Final Stand: the new trailer is available

Age of Darkness: Final Stand: il nuovo trailer è disponibile thumbnail

A few days after the official release, waiting for next week, Age of Darkness Final Stand is shown in a new gameplay trailer which anticipates a large number of elements that characterize the title. The new RTS survival signed PlaySide is preparing to make its official debut and the new video anticipates what will be the main news. The game is coming to Steam.

Age of Darkness Final Stand is shown in a new trailer

Currently in Early Access, the new Age of Darkness Final Stand is now one step away from the official debut. The new RTS survival from PlaySide Studios is, in fact, ready for its debut. The game will be officially released next September 15, in its full version which will put an end to Early Access. To celebrate the official release, PlaySide has released a new gameplay trailer that anticipates the features of the new title.

We remind you that the game will be available on PC Steam. It should be noted that PlaySide has clarified that the game will receive a large number of updates in the future, with a rich roadmap to follow, also thanks to the feedback from the community. The updates will cover all aspects of the game, from units to structures through mechanics and gameplay.

The gameplay trailer

Here’s the new gameplay trailer for the game coming out next week. The video in question, lasting about 2 minutes, anticipates different aspects of the game:

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