Vitesco Technologies Italy will develop technologies for sustainable mobility

Vitesco e Zerynth svilupperanno tecnologie per la mobilità sostenibile thumbnail

Vitesco Technologies Italy, a Tuscan company based in Pisa for years leader in the production of components for combustion engines, embraces the “Green” and the development of cutting-edge technologies for sustainable mobility.

In order to reduce time, costs and waste in production, thanks to the IoT system designed by the Italian Zerynth, Vitesco is now able to predict failures in one of the critical processes of its production, thus optimizing the production of automotive components and significantly reducing operating costs. The system, in fact, allows the company to predict malfunctions of pneumatic valves in 24 hours, minimizing downtime.

Vitesco Technologies Italy: the objectives of this step

Greater process productivity and more competitiveness: these are the objectives that turn towards the propensity of companies in the automotive supply chain to invest in industry 4.0 technologies. In particular, to date, over 80% of Italian companies have opted for this type of investment or declare that they want to do so. The main benefits found range from the ability to analyze and eliminate malfunctions to the reduction of production costs.

The company uses in fact several automatic assembly lines to produce fuel injectors. These lines include a test module that checks the previous assembly steps: if successful, the module proceeds along the line, otherwise it is rejected. However, it may happen that one of the elements of the module does not work correctly due to wear and therefore, before detecting a malfunction of the line, it produces many false rejects. The system studied by Zerynth allows Vitesco to improve the quality of the automation processes and remotely monitor the status of the test module for each assembly line.

Sistema IoT: as did?

The solution provided by Zerynth is characterized by a control unit that collects the available data from the sensors of the machine and sends them to a cloud platform to which it is connected. The signals are then displayed on the dashboard and developed for early valve failure detection. All details are displayed on a customizable dashboard. The system is able to manage all the connected devices, perform the temporal archiving of the collected data, view data and messages sent by the individual devices and organize the latter by work area. It also allows the download of historical data in CSV format, the exchange of data with the end customer and the sending of push notifications in real time.

“The ability to remotely control machines and continuously acquire data from any machinery is essential for companies like Vitesco, which can thus save time and resources”, explains Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth. “Our mission is precisely to support companies in digital transformation, making machinery digital and connected and demonstrating how any industry can benefit from the Internet of Things”.

“For some time we have been looking for a technology that could reduce the downtime of a specific module within an assembly line. Thanks to our collaboration with Zerynth we are now able to predict pneumatic valve malfunctions within 24 hours, which greatly reduces downtime“, explains Alessio Papucci, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) & Advanced Technology Leader of Vitesco Technologies Italy. “These advanced methodologies have allowed us to meet our deadlines and our goals.”

Finally, Vitesco will take part in the webinar organized by Zerynth “IoT and Industry 4.0 to improve the efficiency of industrial processes: the cases of Armal and Vitesco Technologies Italy”Which will be held on Tuesday 21 September at 11.30.

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