AGON by AOC lancia un nuovo monitor da gaming da 32" della serie 5 thumbnail

AGON by AOC launches a new 32″ 5-series gaming monitor

AGON by AOC presents the new monitor from AGON 5 series for gamers. The monitor AGON AG325QZN/EU has a diagonal of 31.5 inches (80cm) and a Fast VA panel that supports an outstanding refresh rate of 240 Hz.

With a high contrast of 3000:1deep blacks, vivid colors and certification Display HDR 400, the AG325QZN/EU offers astonishing visual quality and fast response speed. But also very good performance, with a response time GtG up to 1ms and MPRT of 0.5msideal for competitive games.

AGON by AOC announces the new AGON 5 series monitor

Not all competitive games require a small screen (27″ or even 24″) to better focus on the action. Exist many different genres of competitive games that benefit from a bigger screen to better appreciate the details and immerse yourself in the game itself.

A 31.5-inch monitor like the AG325QZN/EU offers more screen real estate while maintaining the classic 16:9 aspect ratio, making it easier for players to adapt. The AG325QZN/EU has a QHD (2560×1440) resolution, which is the ideal compromise between sharp detail and high framerates. The latest GPUs easily reach 240 fps in QHD resolution in many games: so you can make the most of this monitor.

AGON by AOC monitor min

The AG325QZN/EU monitor is an ideal product for gamers looking for high performance and smooth images. Thanks to the F panelast VA with 240Hz refresh rate and support Adaptive-Sync, the monitor offers exceptional responsiveness and superior visual quality. The monitor is also versatile and flexible, with a large 31.5″ screen that makes it easy productivity and watching HDR content. The design is elegant and robust, with an ergonomic stand that adapts to every need.

There are also a hub USB 3.2 a 4 porte and a USB upstream port for your PC, to help you manage your PC workstation.

AGON AG325QZN/EU is available from March 2023 with a list price of €579.99.

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