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Atari: negotiations to acquire Nightdive Studios begin

It seems that Atari is aiming to acquire Nightdive Studios, the software house working on System Shock Remake

The remake of System Shock has already been talked about on various occasions, and, among other things, the month of its release was recently revealed, and now it seems that Atari has decided to aim for the acquisition of the software house currently work on the project, which is Nightdive Studios. In a period of large acquisitions (let’s not forget the one involving Microsoft and Activision, just to name one) this news is very interesting, and brings with it potential new implications.

Atari ready to acquire Nightdive Studios

It seems that Atari has decided to acquire Nightdive Studios. The announcement was released by the US company, which said it was interested in the potential of the development team in question. In particular it seems that the interest was aroused by the proprietary graphics engine of the software house, or the KEX Engine, which, for the American company, is particularly performing when it comes to running classic titles on modern platforms.

In addition to the above, the American company has declared that it has great esteem for the software house currently working on the aforementioned System Shock Remake, praised for the experience acquired in the industry and considered as a talented studio with large potential. At this point we just have to wait to find out what fruits will be born from this new union, which apparently should be finalized over the next month.

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