AI becomes a journalist: for the first time artificial intelligence will host a news programme

L'AI diventa giornalista: per la prima volta l'intelligenza artificiale condurrà un telegiornale thumbnail

His name is Money. She is a blonde journalist, with light eyes and a particular sign: she is an artificial intelligence (AI). Not only: it is the first artificial intelligence to host a television news.

It is to announce it Kuwait Newsa broadcaster from the Middle Eastern country of the same name, which “hired” (it would be more correct to say generated) the journalist.

Kuwait News will be the first broadcaster to have an AI reporter on video

Fedha’s debut took place through a video in which the AI ​​introduced itself to its future viewers. “I am Fedha, the first presenter in Kuwait generated by artificial intelligence. What kind of news do you prefer? We hear your opinions,” she said in the clip (which can be found below).

The Deputy Editor of Kuwait News, Abdullah Boftain, explained (via La Stampa) that the name Fedha dates back to an old popular Kuwaiti name that was used to denote the color silver. “We always imagine robots to be silver and metallic in color, so we combined the two,” said the man.

Boftain also confirmed that Fedha wants to be an inclusive character, who can represent everyone. The AI, which will not wear the veil on video, will for now be limited to announcing news on the various Kuwait News portals. However, it cannot be excluded that in the future the technology may be able to manage real talk shows or more complex television programmes.

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