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The first electric convertible Nissan Max-Out makes its debut

The vision of Nissan of the future is in cabrio electric MaxOut. The wait rises, visitors are intrigued by the first images. The concept Nissan Max-Out from 18 April he is among the protagonists of Shanghai Auto Show, China.

Nissan Max Out source site Nissan 2 1Nissan Max-Out, source site Nissan

The virtual version of Max-Out dates back to November of 2021. Precisely on the occasion of the presentation of “Nissan Ambition 2030“. That is the long-term vision of the Japanese company to improve safe and inclusive mobility.

The electric convertible Nissan Max-Out is inspired by the idea of ​​synergy between man and machine. The concept designed to convey a sense of absolute freedom and a unique ‘en plei air’ driving experience. Thus it embodies the brand’s innovative spirit and the company’s ability to develop cars. These can offer benefits to people and society.

Nissan Max-Out, the electric convertible that will never become standard

Nissan Max-Out is real. We see this exposed not only to Yokohama, but also in future reviews of the brand. The prototype brings together extremely futuristic shapes, with rims from hypnotic design by the beams of yellow and fluorescent blue LEDs.

Nissan Max Out source site Nissan 1Nissan Max-Out, source site Nissan

The interiors are inspired by design of the future. Indeed Nissan Max-Out provides a large screen that wraps around the entire dashboard. A rectangular steering wheel inspired by aircraft controls. The seats are ergonomic and the passenger compartment is backlit.

Nissan Max Out source site Nissan 3Nissan Max-Out, source site Nissan

Nissan Max-Out, the concept born to amaze

At the moment the manufacturer does not provide other specific information on Nissan Max-Out. So we don’t know what kind of powertrain crews. Or if even just some of the components presented will find a place in the models of the future. Furthermore, the house does not give references to whether this design will inspire the cars of tomorrow. Therefore, it seems that the Max-Out is destined to remain a pure exercise in style.

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