AI spawned an entire Oasis album, and the result is incredible

L'AI ha generato un intero album degli Oasis, e il risultato è incredibile thumbnail

Oasis fans have been dreaming of one for 14 years longed-for reunion of the Gallagher brothers. Between a contentious tweet from Liam and Noel’s forthcoming new record, we’ll rarely see the Manchester band together again in the near future, even if the two sides seem closer than ever lately. And by closer than ever, we mean that they’ve at least stopped calling each other names. In this atmosphere of hope, AI made a whole “new” Oasis albumcomplete with Liam’s voice.

The project is called ISIScontains eight songs and was made by the indie band Breezer, who arranged the songs, recorded the instruments and then asked AI to add Liam Gallagher’s iconic voice. The result is mind-blowing (and also somewhat disturbing).

Here is the AI-generated Oasis album

Musically AISIS sounds like a record of the second Oasis phase, that of Morning Glory to be clear. LLiam’s vocal fidelity is absolutely perfect, as is the melodic style, although the tracks are obviously of low audio quality. The members of Breezer explained that they started the project because they were tired of waiting for an Oasis reunion. A condition common to all fans.

“We’re tired of waiting for Oasis to reform, so we’ve got a Liam Gallagher modeled by artificial intelligence,” they wrote in the album description. “We’ve really enjoyed convincing our friends that these are actually lost Oasis songs, and I recommend you play this joke too.”

In fact, the result is creepy. At the time of writing, AISIS has just over 10,000 views on YouTube, with a cover that clearly recalls the historic one of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?.

At the moment, neither Liam nor Noel Gallagher have publicly expressed their opinions on the project. But we are compulsively updating the Twitter home, if Liam speaks it will be there.