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Samsung: S95C OLED TVs on sale with a special promo

Samsung has announced the arrival of the new S95C OLED TVs on the market and has launched a special promo for the occasion. Let’s see the details

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea, has always been interested in offering the best products for its users. A few hours ago he announced the arrival of the new ones on the market Samsung OLED S95C and on the occasion it launched a special promo that could make many users happy. These new models, just like all those in the 2023 OLED range, are available in 55″, 65″ and 77″ formats and they are equipped with the Quantum Dot technology specially developed for i Neo QLED Samsung. But let’s go in order and find out more closely.

Samsung: S95C OLED TVs on sale with a special promo

All the details of the special promo regarding the new Samsung OLED S95C TVs

This model also boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and all the smart functions of Samsung, including Gaming Hub. For the first time in the case of an OLED TV, these Samsung devices also got the FreeSync Premium Pro certification by AMD, which rewards the excellence of the gaming experience with OLED. Another distinctive aspect is the audio, made incredibly immersive by the equipped with Dolby Atmos and Samsung Object Tracking Sound (OTS). These stream the sounds of movies, sports and games through the speakers, generating outstanding sound effects and offering a connected video experience at the highest level.

Finally, service is included Samsung TV Plusas with all Samsung Smart TVs: a wide range of completely free streaming TV channels with advertising (FAST) and video on demand for a total of over 90 channels in Italy (with 23 film channels) and 1,800 channels globally. The prices of these models range from €2,599 for the 55″ model and €4,999 for the 77″ model.

However, thanks to the promotion launched by the company on the occasion of their sale on the market, who will buy by May 14th one of these models on the official site, available at this linkor on partner eshops will receive a free Galaxy Z Flip4. Simply register at the following link within 15 days of the product delivery date. Once the materials uploaded to the site have been verified and validated by Samsung, the consumer will receive a confirmation email and will receive within 180 days lo smartphone Galaxy Z Flip4.

Also, by activating the discount code PROMOTV2023 inside the cart, you will receive a 10% discount on the final price. In this way, in addition to get a free smartphoneyou will also have a substantial discount on your new TV. What do you think of this promotion regarding these new models? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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