AI will be used to write scripts for movies and TV series

L’AI verrà usata per scrivere sceneggiature di film e serie TV thumbnail

The Writers Guild of Americathe union representing screenwriters for film and TV, has proposed allowing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in scriptwriting, provided that the credit for the work goes to the humans. Variety reports that the WGA’s proposal is in the midst of a debate with l’Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producersthe behemoth that represents major studios and production companies.

At the moment the two sides have not reached an agreement, but discussion on the topic seems inevitableespecially in a historical period in which AI is revolutionizing all sectors, including creative ones.

How will AI-written scripts be credited?

Rather than banning artificial intelligence outright – as some had hoped when it became clear that the union intended to regulate its use – the WGA’s proposal would allow screenwriters to take advantage of the technology, without having to give up compensation for their Work.

For example, if a producer were to hand an AI-generated script to a human screenwriter to touch up and edit, the writer would still be credited as the first author of the work. Which means he would get higher compensation. Basically the WGA intends AI as a tool available to the screenwriter, and not an alternative to it.

As the discussion continues, artificial intelligence continues to sweep into more and more industries. Last week we told you about RadioGPT, an AI capable of managing a radio station almost autonomously. Elsewhere artists are using ChatGPT to write songs while Nick Cave believes that artificial intelligence, however advanced, lacks a fundamental element of songwriting: soul.