Twitter will remove free blue checks from April 1st

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Twitter has chosen the prank day par excellence, April 1st, for remove blue checks from accounts not subscribed to Twitter Blue. These are accounts of public personalities or popular personalities, who received the verification badge for free. The news was reported just today by TechCrunch.

Twitter: blue ticks for subscribers only

In addition to the evident irony in the choice of the date, the maneuver had already been in the air for some months. After taking over Twitter late last year, Elon Musk has progressively privatized the social network, revolutionizing the check mark system and introducing the new and discussed Twitter Blue. The latter consists of a monthly subscription plan that guarantees the blue verification check for all subscribers. In fairness, therefore, all accounts that had received the blue check for free will stop having it.

In December, Elon Musk wrote in a tweet that the social network would remove the ticks for those accounts because “the way they were distributed was corrupt and meaningless”.

Starting from April, therefore, actors, politicians and show business personalities will no longer be marked with the badge.

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