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Airbnb tests “anti-party technology” to avoid parties

Airbnb announced that it will begin testing for a new one “Anti-party technology” pto avoid unauthorized parties in rental houses on the platform. The software will allow you to automatically report potentially risky bookings.

Airbnb, off to the tests for the “anti-party technology” on the platform

Three years ago, during a party at an Airbnb house in California, five people died in a shooting. A terrible news story, which led the company to officially ban le “party house” from your platform.

A ban which, however, was only temporary at the time and which has become official e definitive only in the last few monthsalthough the company has implemented several strategies to avoid organizing “potentially destructive” events in homes rented by owners on Airbnb.

Yesterday (Tuesday 8/16/22), the company also announced a new technology to avoid holidays.


The novelty comes after one test series in Australiawhich they would have reduced by 35% unauthorized parties in the properties on the platform. Now the test expands to United States and Canada, ready to reach the rest of the world as well.

The system considers several factors, such as the “history of positive reviews (or lack thereof), how long the guest is on Airbnb, travel distance, weekend vs weekday, and many more “. In this way, the artificial intelligence signals potential bookings used for parties.

According to Airbnb, “the main goal is to try to reduce the ability of bad guys to hold unauthorized parties negatively impact the owner, neighbors and communities “. And it will do so by directly blocking the reported bookings. The user will not be able to book entire houses, but will be able to find single rooms or hotel rooms (where he is less likely to organize parties).

This system is more sophisticated than that of 2020, which essentially limited itself to blocking “Guests under 25 with no positive reviews booking locally”. The company acknowledges that “no system is perfect”But is confident that this system will achieve good results.

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