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Half of Android users would switch to iPhones

A recent poll reveals that the 49% of Android users would switch to iOSby purchasing the Apple iPhone for a “perceived superiority” per safety e privacy. Users feel safer using Apple’s smartphones rather than the Android competition.

49% of Android users would switch to iPhones, for security and privacy

According to the Beyond Identity study, which interviewed 1,003 Americans about it, the difference is made by all the “perceived security”. 76% of Apple users feel safer with iOSwhich 74% of Android users also share.

Analysis shows that more than twice as many users have a iPhone 13 Pro Max they feel confident compared to those who use a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Although Samsung has also introduced several features designed exclusively for security. There perception of security however, it remains higher for those with an iPhone.

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Additionally, Apple’s services also seem safer than Android’s to users. In fact if the 20% of iOS users believe iCloud Keychain extremely safeonly the 13% thinks of Google Password Manager. Similarly, 27% of Apple users believe iCloud extremely safe, while only 22% think it is Google Drive.

As new operating systems have updated security features, the survey reveals that 33% of Android users are considering switching to iPhone given the launch of iOS 16 next month. Perhaps also because of the Lockdown mode.

The study also reveals that iPhone users are more inclined to choose six-digit PINs rather than four. And they are more attentive to the location tracking and the use of facial recognition. Furthermore, although 40% of both groups (iOS and Android) have experienced malware or phishing, iPhone users more often report that they have never had any problems and 20% report that they have recovered all lost data. Although it should be noted that they are more prone to lose their smartphone: they have it forgotten up to six times during 2022 in some cases.

The percentages in all likelihood would be different if the search range was extended. And undoubtedly, the greater diffusion of iOS in the American market plays a role in this study. But they are data that explain Google’s focus on security and privacy in Android 13. Even if it will be difficult to catch up on Apple’s image.

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