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AirPods Lite and new AirPods Max: Apple is working on it

To unleash the rumors was from Ming-Chi Kouanalyst of TF International Securitiesaccording to which Apple has something new in store for the line AirPods in the version Max and in the new Lite.

Does Apple want to roll out an AirPods Max update?

According to Ming-Chi Kou yes, but he’s not the only one to have advanced similar ideas in recent days. Before him Jeff Pu had launched similar indiscretions. However neither has released further details.

However, it is very likely that the improvement of the AirPods Max could be reserved for the sound quality, the unprecedented U1 Chip, the integration – for the first time – of a USB Type-C port, touch controls and an extended battery life. battery. The community also hopes that the AirPods Max, which first launched in 2020 and in their first update, will also be released in new colors.

Kou, as well as Jeff Pu, are also convinced that in addition to the updated version of AirPods Max, Apple is working on AirPods Litand, a brand new model from the multinational’s earphone range. We might even already have an indicative price: being a Lite version they would cost less than the classic AirPods, with a price of 99,00$ rather than the canons 129,00$.

In this way the Lite version would become the cheapest line of AirPods ever. But when should these two new devices arrive on the market?

According to Kou the second generation AirPods Max and AirPods Lite could come in between the second half of 2024 and the first half of 2025.

The wait, therefore, is still long, but we must also bear in mind that currently these are not just mere indiscretions, speculations launched on the web and which do not find any confirmation, at the moment, from Apple.

To wait for more certain news, therefore, we have to wait a little longer and hope that the multinational intentionally lets something slip or officially announce the first AirPods in the LTE version and the second generation AirPods Max with great fanfare.

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