AirPods aiuteranno a sentir meglio come apparecchi acustici thumbnail

AirPods will help you hear better as hearing aids

AirPods will help you hear better as thumbnail hearing aids

Apple is investing more and more so that its devices become useful for the health of users. Not only Apple Watch has more and more functions to monitor the well-being of users – the news also comes to other gadgets. For example, it seems that in a couple of years AirPods will become little “hearing aids”.

AirPods will become little “hearing aids”

In his “Power On” newsletter, Bloomber pundit Mark Gurman said Apple plans to turn AirPods into a health device in the near futureallowing you to help those with hearing impairments.

Although Apple has already built some hearing features into its earphones, such as Live Listen e Conversation Boost, Gurman pointed out that such features they have not yet been approved by the FDA – America’s drug and medical device regulator. And they weren’t designed to replace hearing aids. However, given Apple’s focus on health, i future AirPods will have more of these features.

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Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also revealed that the company is working to integrate biometric health tracking features into upcoming AirPods models.

Apple has filed patents for an earphone-based fitness tracking system. Which would include an advanced biometric sensor to detect physiological metrics such as temperature, heart rate, sweat levels and more. All using skin contact and built-in motion sensors. Apple’s vice president of technology, Kevin Lynchalso hinted that AirPods might provide more health data in the future.

The new health features of the AirPods could be implemented through firmware updates: therefore without the need to change them. This is because current models already have speakers and microphones to support those features. Hence, consumers could benefit from these new features too on existing devices.

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