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Dreame M12 review: evolution or involution?

In this article we are going to see the review of the Dreame M12. It is not a vacuum cleaner and it is not a floor washer, if we were in an animated feature film the sentence would continue with a solemn: it only knows what it is not…

Luckily for you readers here we are in the real world and we have very clear ideas about this Dream M12.

After a long examination, dust tests and wild aspirations of liquids and dirt in general, we are ready to give our solemn judgment on the latest invention in the Dreame case. Will this floor washer hybrid to a small vacuum cleaner have been able to convince us? Find out in this dedicated review.

Dreame M12 review: evolution or involution?

Packaging and design Review Dreame M12

In this review dedicated to the‘M12 di Dreame we will try to go quickly to the point. We will take the liberty of not fully delving into some points that remain in common with the direct predecessor Dreame H12 whose review you can read here. The choice was obviously made considering the fact that in this way we can focus more predominantly on the new aspects and the new changes introduced.

Let’s start by saying that there are no major differences between this and the previous model. It remains a large display which slightly changes the interface. Yes adds a handle to the vacuum cleaner needed for the new usage system of the same.

The colors and everything previously appreciated remain unchanged.

Even the accessories and various filters remain the same.

In a nutshell we don’t find big news on the aesthetic front but don’t worry there are news and they are also quite important.

We also find the very large display provides us with all the necessary information and allows us to always keep an eye on the battery and suction mode. To change the mode of use (automatic or suction) just press the button on the handle. The latter boasts a graphic update which is more detailed and intuitive.

Dreame M12 review: evolution or involution?

Usage and Performance | Dreame M12 review

We have been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about three weeks and are now ready to give our verdict.

To give a complete opinion, we tried this vacuum cleaner on different types of surfaces and different tiles, purposely dirtying (and sometimes not doing it on purpose) our walkable surfaces.

The first thing that catches the eye is definitely the increase in power passing by 200 a 300 watt. The battery has also been improved and manages to maintain the same duration (about 30 minutes) despite the increase in energy consumption.

Another substantial change lies in theincrease in tank capacity. The clean water and recovery water tanks go from 500ml for dirty water and 900ml for clean water to 700ml and 920ml. A choice that pleased us since we were among those who had suggested a greater capacity for the tanks.

Daily tests and uses

As far as daily use is concerned, we are not far from what has been said for the H12, in general we are satisfied and the increase in power certainly helps in daily cleaning tasks.

The real news, however, is another. Indeed the new Dreame M12compared to its predecessor allows us to reach the most hidden corners or our sofas and armchairs with a system totally new. In fact, the big news lies in being able to literally disconnect the motor from the vacuum body and connect it to a sextant tank. In this way, in addition to being able to vacuum and wash our floors, we could reach armchairs, shelves or sofas. Thanks to this ingenious solution it will be possible, in part, to compensate for the lack of being able to use the Dreame to reach more difficult points.

In a nutshell, we confirm the good things we had already learned to appreciate with Dreame H12 and that in this new model, thanks also to the increased powerit’s even better.

Who should buy this Dreame M12

In conclusion, we are dealing with a floor cleaning vacuum cleaner with a very interesting plus. Where in the past the possibility of reaching inaccessible points was precluded or it was simply impossible for us to carry out actions of pure aspiration, even if modest, now it is possible.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, floor cleaner with this Dreame M12 you definitely won’t be disappointed.

The differences between this and the previous model certainly do not justify a new purchase, but no doubt the excuses are over for the uncertain.

The increase in power, the improved display, the more capacious tanks and the possibility of having a real portable vacuum cleaner make a product that already presented itself in a more than valid way even more complete.

A great leap forward

Plus points

  • Improved display
  • Portable vacuum cleaner
  • Increased power

Points against

  • Same autonomy as the previous models
  • Double base for accessories
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