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AirTag is also updated with iOS 15.4. Here’s what changes

The fourth iOS 15.4 beta includes the highly anticipated first updates of AirTag. The small Apple tracker is in fact used improperly by some users, with reports that speak of real stalking. Instead of being matched to their possessions, some AirTags “accidentally” end up in the cars, bags and jackets of other human beings, allowing attackers to follow their movements.
Let’s be clear, a very low percentage of users use the product in this way but Apple has taken the problem seriously, looking for a solution that would allow them to take advantage of the advantages of AirTag without endangering users.
So what changes with iOS 15.4?

AirTag updates with iOS 15.4

ios 15-4 beta airtag configuration

Accompanying the configuration of AirTag you will now find a new screen that says:

“You can locate this object using the Where Is Network.
Using this product to track people without their consent is a crime in many regions of the world.
This object is designed to be detected by victims and to allow law enforcement to request the owner’s identification data. “

With iOS 15.4 it also comes fixed a bug that sometimes reported the AirPods as an unidentified object. This notification was often misinterpreted, with users thinking they had an AirTag nearby. Now things are changing, with products compatible with the Dov’è network that they will be able to identify themselves clearly so as to avoid misunderstandings.

Among the news also the elimination of the option “Safety warnings on objects” present in the Where is app. The functionality will be active by default but on the other hand, users will be able to customize the notifications related to tracking.

ios 15-4 beta airtag update

These of course are just the first additional security measures Apple will introduce. In fact, more should arrive in the near future, including clear notifications in case of AirTag detection, a higher alarm volume and much more.

Who else changes with the new beta?

Not just privacy for the fourth beta of iOS 15.4. Coming up for US users there is also a new voice for Siri. Code name: Quinn.

We do not know if it will also arrive in Italy but in the meantime you can listen to it here:

What do you think? Do you find it better than the current one?

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