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Bethesda will officially retire its launcher by switching to Steam

The Bethesda launcher is running out of time, in fact it has been announced that it will be withdrawn to migrate all its games to Steam

with great surprise Bethesda just announced that will retire its official launcher and will move to Steam in a few months. Every PC player will have the option of migrate your Bethesda library to Steam without major problems. Therefore, all your games on the Bethesda launcher will be available (and playable) on Steam and will take advantage of the Steam Cloud, which allows you to keep your saved games safe, accessible anywhere and at any time.

Bethesda’s launcher officially moves to Steam

This news is good for PC gamers as they will be able to comfortably merge their Bethesda games on Steam using a single launcher. Regarding the day when games can be migrated, Bethesda states that:

In early April, you will be able to migrate your Bethesda library to your Steam account. All titles you own on Launcher will be available for free on Steam. Your purchases will be transferred to your Valve platform account. Many game saves will also be transferred but some may require manual copying.

Bethesda will officially retire its launcher by switching to Steam

However, keep in mind that you will still need a account because many of its games and services require its use. Still having an account will allow you to maintain access to Bethesda’s services, including game mods and in-game items (such as skins). Considering that Microsoft now owns Zenimax / Bethesda, the motivation for this future migration is clear and there is no reason to still own the Bethesda launcher. Additionally, all future Bethesda games will arrive on the Microsoft Store and (most likely) on Steam.

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