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Alan Wake 2: a 60 FPS Performance mode

A few weeks after the release of Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment has confirmed the Performance mode at 60 FPS. Let’s see the details together

Remedy Entertainment recently announced that Alan Wake 2 will present one at the launch Performance mode with 60 fps on all next-gen consoles, except for Xbox Series S. Everything is now ready and the new chapter which once again sees the writer of thriller novels as the protagonist is about to return. During an interview with IGN, Thomas Puha (director of communications of the software house) has released further details on what to expect from the new title which joins the Remedy Connected Universe together with Max Payne and Control. It is interesting to see that thanks to the optimization for Microsoft consoles, the development team was able to see the possibility of implementing a “good” Performance Mode which, again according to Puha, will run “mostly” at 60 FPS.

Alan Wake 2: a 60 FPS Performance mode

Alan Wake 2: 60 fps mode

While the performance mode in Alan Wake 2 is a great option, Puha was keen to point out that Remedy Entertainment was primarily focused on making it run by default the title at 30 frames per second, thus trying to maintain maximum image quality. Let’s see the statements to IGN together:

We started working mainly on the Series S in May. We limited the memory usage, and it was very difficult, but all that work helped us achieve a good Performance Mode that mostly runs at 60 fps, especially in the Dark Place , because it’s much simpler. In the end, we succeeded, but our main job was to maintain a solid 30. I’m a big fan of Performance Mode, but I played Alan Wake 2 at 30 fps, because it’s much smoother and the graphics are incredible”

We remind you that Alan Wake 2 will be available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series And you? Will you choose 30 or 60 fps? Let us know in the comments below. For further updates from the gaming world, and beyond, stay tuned to However, if you are looking for games at a discounted price, we refer you to the catalog on Instant Gaming.

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