Alan Wake 2: no performance mode on Xbox Series S

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The journalist wakes up, but not on Xbox Series S: Microsoft’s “younger sister” will not enjoy the best performance with Alan Wake 2

If it is true that we opened the day with good news for the hype on the PS5 front, on the shores of Xbox Series S (yes, the S specifically) with Alan Wake 2 there’s a little less to rejoice about. The development team Remedy Entertainment recently confirmed that its survival horror will have performance mode as an option, raising the framerate beyond the default 30fps on PS5 and Xbox Series on which Game Informer it shed light. Remedy has admitted what many feared: although the technical specifications on the different performances based on the different hardware are still missing, we now know that on the “small Xbox” we will not see the much desired sixty frames.

Thirty in a second, on Xbox Series S I don’t abound: the admission of guilt for Alan Wake 2

As you can see above, the foreign newspaper has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will not allow you to prioritize the framerate on the Microsoft console without a disc compartment. It wouldn’t even be the first time that Remedy Entertainment finds itself at loggerheads with the format that fits it best. Already in 2021, shortly after the launch of the updated version of Controlthe studio spoke bluntly about the challenges of optimizing the Xbox Series S. While Remedy doesn’t seem to be aiming for excellence on this specific incarnation of the Jade Cross, the game is due on October 27 su PS5, Xbox Series X/S, e PC.

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