Alan Wake Remastered announced: release not far away!

Alan Wake Remastered has finally been announced and the title’s release date is not far off. Let’s find out all the details together in this news

After various rumors, leaks, speculations and various indiscretions, the moment has finally come that the whole community and the fans of Remedy Entertainment have been waiting for. Alan Wake Remastered has been announced and, moreover, the release date of the title does not seem to be very far away. Let’s find out some more details and what will be the characteristics of this new version of the game.

Alan Wake Remastered: release date (maybe) and technical characteristics

As mentioned above Alan Wake Remastered was announced and, according to the communications released by Remedy itself, the release is scheduled for autumn 2021. This statement goes to confirm, at least apparently, a leak which in the past few hours has rebounded on the web. This leak included the release of the title for October 5, 2021. The leak is based on the list of titles released by a Taiwanese chain of stores. We will see, in the coming days and weeks, if this rumor is actually confirmed and respected.

Alan Wake Remastered announced: release not far away!

Speaking instead of what will be the experience of this new version of Alan Wake, Remedy presented the characteristics and technical potential of the Remastered. It will be possible to play in 4K and see the cutscenes and cinematics with graphic upgrades. This version also from the point of view content, will make the full game and the two expansions available to gamers: The Signal e The Writer. We conclude by saying that Alan Wake Remastered will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S e PC.

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