Alexa festeggia il suo terzo compleanno in Italia thumbnail

Alexa celebrates her third birthday in Italy

Alexa celebrates her third birthday in Italy thumbnail

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, continues to grow and celebrated an important one this week birthday. It is, in fact, the Alexa’s third birthday in Italy he was born in seventh birthday in the United States. The assistant is now more and more widespread and plays a fundamental role for many users who have the possibility to count on the numerous Skills available.

Alexa continues to grow: Amazon’s assistant celebrates birthday

Alexa is highly regarded in Italy for all her skills. The Amazon assistant, in particular, brings good digital music into our homes by acting as an excellent smart speaker. Over the past 12 months, Alexa has guaranteed 280 million hours of streaming. Among the most requested songs we find Malibù by sangiovanni, Baby Shark and Musica lightissima by Colapesce and Dimartino.

The role of Amazon’s assistant is not limited to music and, in fact, Alexa is also present in kitchen. Thanks to Yellow Sapphire Skill you can easily access many recipes. Alexa is also used as timer and alarm clock (about 500 million times in the last year in Italy). Recently the Perfect Wine Skill which turns Alexa into a real sommerlier.

In Italy they are available over 4,500 Alexa Skills and over 500 are dedicated to the smart home.

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Amazon’s comment

Gianmaria Visconti, Amazon Alexa Country Manager, underlines: “In the first three years of arrival in Italy, active users using Alexa have grown significantly, over 80% year on year; and in 2021 alone there are more 5 billion interactions between users in Italy and Alexa. Some of these demonstrate how Alexa entered our homes as a real additional member of the family: just think that beyond 7 million of times, in the last year alone, users have told her “I love you” “

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