The Falconeer: la colonna sonora Double Vinyl disponibile in pre-ordine thumbnail

The Falconeer: Double Vinyl soundtrack available for pre-order

The Falconeer: Double Vinyl soundtrack available for pre-order thumbnail

Wired Productions e Limited Run Games annunciano the opening of pre-orders for The Falconeer Double Vinyl. This is a limited edition, available in just 1,000 copies, of the game’s vinyl soundtrack which includes the pieces made by composer Benedict Nichols. The new limited edition is available in two versions, Azure Blue and Sea Green (500 copies will be made for each version).

The Falconeer Double Vinyl disponibile in pre-ordine

Made with collectors in mind, The Falconeer Double Vinyl contains two exclusive tracks not available on other platforms. The songs in question are Atun’s Folly and The Door to Nowhere (feat. Tegen Hitchens). The soundtrack includes songs selected by the developer by Tomas Sala and composer Benedict Nichols.

Developer Tomas Sala points out, “The Falconeer music is an epic masterpiece from Benedict Nichols and is such an important part of the in-game experience.” Adds Benedict Nichols: “It was an honor to join Tomas on this journey across the Great Ursee and create such an impactful soundtrack for the players.”

Come preordinare la limited edition

The new Double Vinyl limited edition is available for pre-order through the Wiredproductions official store in the Azure Blue version. The price for the purchase is approx 40 euro. The Sea Green version is, on the other hand, available through the store di Limited Run Games for the North American market.

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