Alexa comments on the first evening of Sanremo 2023

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Officially started yesterday San Remo 2023 is the topic of discussion of the moment, and so is with Alexa. Amazon’s voice assistant, like all of us, is following the event and doesn’t fail to offer us his opinions and predictions. Let’s find out all the features implemented specifically for the 73rd edition of the Italian Song Festival.

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All Alexa features for Sanremo 2023

Following a series of new voice commands introduced specifically for Sanremo:

  • Alexa, sing the Sanremo song: Alexa has recorded an exclusive rap song for us in which, between one rhyme and another, she will sing nice comments on the various protagonists of the show.
  • Alexa, open the survey on Sanremo: every day you can choose your favorite moment compared to the previous evening. What’s your comparison to yesterday? Blanco destroying everything? Gianni Morandi cleaning? Chiara Ferragni’s moving monologue? Or one of the 14 songs in the competition?
  • Alexa, tell me the Sanremo report cards: like all of us, Alexa has her own opinions. With a simple voice command we can discover his detailed and entertaining report cards on artists, guests and presenters. Alternatively, you can ask for a specific opinion (for example: Alexa, how did you rate Elodie?)
  • Alexa, who will win Sanremo? : Not sure who could win? Let’s find out Alexa’s prediction!
  • Alexa, what’s going on in Sanremo? : the Sanremo week is hectic and it’s easy to miss the latest news. To stay up to date, as well as on our portal, you can ask Alexa.
  • Alexa, did you make the Fantasanremo team? : the Fantasanremo regulation does not discriminate against voice assistants, Alexa can participate by right!
  • Alexa, Sanremo atmosphere: the Festival is entertainment, lightness, memes and fun. But it is also, of course, music. Why not ask Alexa to listen to great hits from past editions?

Listen to the great music of Sanremo on Amazon Music

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