Apex Legends: Baraonda, a gameplay trailer reveals many new features!

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Via press release, EA and Respawn Entertainment have unveiled the first gameplay trailer of Apex Legends: Baraonda, the latest update of the upcoming title

The news of the arrival of the Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends with the next update, Baraonda, is just yesterday. Via press release, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a new gameplay trailer for the latest updatewhich offers a deeper look at the new mode, the reworked Legend classes, the Nemesis assault rifle and much more.

First and foremost, the highly anticipated and iconic Team Deathmatch mode arrives in Apex Legends. Players form teams and throw each other in a 6 vs. 6 game in which points are obtained by killing opponents and whoever is the best in the three rounds wins the game. Squads can be deployed in Storm Pass Habitat 4, Kings Canyon Skull City, and Solace Party Crasher. Plus, legends become even more legendary with new reworked classes that will transform Apex games. The roster is divided into Assault, Recon, Fighter, Control, and Support to better highlight what sets each Legend apart, along with special perks for each class.

Apex Legends: Baraonda is shown with a gameplay trailer!

Mayhem introduces the Nemesis, a new energy assault rifle that fires four shots in a burst. With an increasing burst delay that reduces the time between bursts and simulates a fully automatic weapon, the Nemesis is sure to be a game changer. Continuing, players approaching Outland for the first time can try the new orientation match system, which creates an easy introduction in which new players can familiarize themselves with the core mechanics of Apex Legends. Play alone or with friends to take out some bots before joining the regular matchmaking queue.

The festivities continue with this year’s Anniversary Collection event, featuring a community-created reward path and cosmetics for limited-time Legendary squad sets. By completing the Anniversary Collection event, players will receive 150 Heirloom Shards to unlock an Heirloom or Prestige skin of their choice. Also announced the new Battle Pass: Players can dress up for the wildest party in Outlands history with the Mayhem Battle Pass, as well as earn spectacular rewards by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges.

In the end: login rewards. To celebrate the anniversary of Apex Legends and its amazing community, every player will receive login rewards for the first two weeks of Mayhem. Log in to Apex Legends: Mayhem from Tuesday February 14th to Tuesday February 21st to automatically unlock Crypto, with a theme pack that will include an item just for him. By logging in from Tuesday 21st to Tuesday 28th February, you will unlock hard-hitting troublemaker Ash and one of her Ash hers theme packs to show off her new style.

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