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Alexa down all over the world: hundreds of reports in Italy

Bad day for Alexa: since this morning, in fact, the voice assistant of Amazon is presenting disservices all over the world at a time with gods sudden down, other times not recognizing user inputs or on the smart speakers of the Echo range or even through the dedicated application. As is often the case in these cases, it is not clear what is causing the problem.

Alexa is down all over the world

Of course, Italy was no exception too, and a wide range of malfunctions of the e-commerce company’s voice assistant are being recorded along the boot. In fact, it is enough to take a short ride on the down detector to get a rather complete picture of the situation, where in the last few hours there have been more than 600 reports in tal senso.

At the moment in Italy it seems impossible to ask even the simplest questions to Alexa, such as knowing the weather or doing a trivial Google search. All you get is a error message by artificial intelligence. A decidedly unpleasant situation for all those who use the assistant on a daily basis, very useful for carrying out some tasks automatically.

It doesn’t help that Amazon has remained silent, at least for now, and that there are no official press releases to give us a precise idea of ​​what is happening. However, it is likely that the e-commerce giant is currently working to solve the problem and, given its resources, we expect it to be resolved within the next few hours. Until then we just have to wait.

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