GhostWire: Tokyo, release date revealed from the PS Store?

It seems the PlayStation Store has inadvertently revealed the release date of GhostWire: Tokyo, the Tango Gameworks title coming to PS5 and PC in advance

Over the course of the year just left behind, Bethesda had been forced to announce that GhostWire: Tokyo could not respect the expected release date, but it would have to take a few more months to get fit on the market. The subsequent launch period communicated referred to a generic beginning of 2022, but it would appear that the PlayStation Store inadvertently disclosed the new debut day of the signed production Tango Gameworks.

GhostWire: Tokyo, release date closer than expected?

And despite Bethesda has not yet officially revealed its cards, it seems that the wait that separates us from direct title to PS5 and PC it shouldn’t be very long. As unearthed by MP1st, in fact, it seems that the page of the PlayStation Store of the production has recently been updated, with the title now showing how launch date on March 24th. As things currently stand, this information is removed from the store, but the portal in question still managed to capture the screenshot that we propose after the jump.

GhostWire: Tokyo, release date revealed from the PS Store?

This is certainly not the first clue regarding the release date of GhostWire: Tokyo, given that recently the game had also received a classification in Korea and Taiwan, while further leaks have confirmed that the title Tango Gameworks will receive new updates at an event that is due to be held this month.

Of course, awaiting official confirmation, as always, we invite you to take the news with due caution, but should new details be disclosed, we at will not fail to keep you informed promptly.

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