Alexa ha un'altra voce in Italia thumbnail

Alexa has another voice in Italy

Alexa has another voice in Italy thumbnail

From today you can choose one new entry per Alexa in Italia. In fact, it is enough to say “Alexa, change your voice”To have a new voice option in addition to the original one. The new entry gives an option ‘male‘to alternate with that’female‘basic (as far as we can talk about gender with an artificial intelligence). Otherwise, the voice assistant remains as smart as ever.

Alexa changes tone: a new voice arrives in Italy

Is there sexism towards voice assistants? In recent years they have come out several studies who analyzed the reason that led the main tech companies to use ‘feminine’ sounding voices for their assistants (here for example the discussion of the New York Times).

But while talking about the robot genre is complicated, having a deeper-voiced alternative gives users more choices. And with the new rumor that Amazon announced for Alexa, just say “Alexa, change voice” to be able to use the new voice option.

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You don’t need to do any software updates or change devices. Immediately, all devices will be enabled for both voice options. Then just run the “Change your voice” command to switch to the other one.

This new voice also responds to all activation words: Alexa, Computer, Echo o Amazon. Then you can choose how to call your voice assistant and use all possible options. The advice is to try to see which one you like best: your home will stay anyway ‘smart‘.

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