Online piracy increases on Halloween

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According to a recent study by Factorganization for the protection of intellectual property, the piracy of online audiovisual content increases with the arrival of Halloween and then of the winter period. In fact, seasonal factors come into play, in addition to the fact that the 43% of the population adult has pirated contents.

Online piracy on the rise with Halloween

Cold weather leads people to spend more time at home, avoiding watching their favorite movies in the cinema. Something that adds to the recent trend to consume Home Entertainment content: according to Univideo and GfK Italia the 40% of sales in the entertainment sector take place at home.

Horror movies and thriller TV series become accessible throughout the year in streaming, but the arrival of lower temperatures and fewer hours of light increase consumption during this period. And often, people watch movies and series illegally: according to Ipsos (for FAPAV): “The data confirm an increase in the overall incidence of piracy among the adult population, equal to 43% “.

In our country, users mostly pirate films (29%), series (24%) and programs (21%). A damage to the sector, but which according to Fact experts can also become a problem for those who download or stream illegal content.

Kieron SharpCEO of FACT states: “We urge people to make sure they use only official suppliers. The use of illicit sources of content is extremely risky and dangerous and exposes users and their families to malware, identity theft, inappropriate content and fraud ”.

In fact, according to a research by Opinium, 47% of families who exploit piracy see popextreme ups o explicitwhile 30% end up becoming victims of fraud or hacking.

The advice therefore is to stay away from sites that promise free illegal streaming and downloads. Rather, if you are too cold for the cinema, it is better to buy the product for home video (both Blu-Ray and digital). For more information on possible risks, here the Fact website.