Alexa aiuta a scegliere il modello di Samsung Galaxy S23 più adatto alle proprie esigenze thumbnail

Alexa helps you choose the Samsung Galaxy S23 model that best suits your needs

From today until March 31, customers of Alexa in Italy they have something new to discover. Inside the Skill Samsung Galaxy S23available on the entire range of Echo devices, have the opportunity to understand the Samsung Galaxy S23 model that best suits their needs.

“Alexa, which Samsung Galaxy S23 is right for me?”

All the best of Samsung telephony

pronouncing “Alexa, which Samsung Galaxy S23 is right for me?” customers have, in fact, the opportunity to discover the most important features of the new Samsung Galaxy S23. Among the features are camera, performance, design and size, thus locating the perfect choice for them among Galaxy S23, S23 Ultra e S23+.

Finally, all customers who want to have additional information on the identified model will be able to receive a notification directly on their smartphone in the Alexa App. And they can then continue the experience on the dedicated Samsung store.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Galaxy S22 differenze min


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