Apple: Mixed reality headset could be launched at WWDC 2023

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After much talk about it, finally the long-awaited one Apple’s mixed reality headset will be unveiled at WWDC 2023 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) di June.

The mixed reality headset will be presented at WWDC 2023. Here are all the details

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The launch of Apple’s mixed reality viewer was scheduled for June 2022, but was postponed to the following year, i.e. June 2023. In reality, the news has not been definitively confirmed, we will have to wait for the arrival of the conference to see if the product will actually be presented.

The visor launch delay comes from the fact that gods have arisen hardware and software problems. So it took even longer to improve and perfect the product.

Also because it is fair to underline the fact that, even if it were actually presented, the product will not be immediately put on sale. But Apple seems determined to put it on sale later this year. The cupertino giant’s mixed reality headset is the next big thing in recent times.

Will Apple make virtual and augmented reality a trend?

It is known to all that virtual reality and augmented reality have failed to become mainstream. It’s not as popular a product as the developers had hoped and that’s down to a lot costs still very high of the devices. It therefore remains an entertainment of niche that attracts only true enthusiasts.

We are well aware, however, that Apple is able to make the products it launches desirable, despite the very high cost. In fact, the mixed reality headset it will cost about $3,000 and in these very difficult economic times it wouldn’t be strange if the device wasn’t bought by Apple’s regular customers.

What will the augmented reality headset consist of?

The new Apple product will come with a Apple M2 series chips, two 4K VR displays, and a variety of AR cameras. It will also introduce a brand new operating system called xrOS.

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