Alexa parla come Batman

Alexa parla come Batman thumbnail

The new film arrives in cinemas DC League of Super Pets, an animated film that brings superhero pets to the big screen. To celebrate the occasion, on Amazon’s smart home devices comes the possibility of doing speak Alexa like Batman.

Alexa parla come Batman

In the new animated film, DC’s superheroes are in trouble. Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash e Batman they need a hand, and who can give it to them but their pets? This is the starting point of the new animated film, which in Italy has the rumors of Lillo e Macciocapatonda.

Another adventure set in the DC universe, between Gotham and Metropolis. But one place Batman had never been is the cloud: it took Amazon to get it to us. All thanks to Alexathe voice assistant increasingly used in our country.

Alexa Batman min

You only need to ask: “Alexa, tell me a sentence from Batman “ to make the voice assistant say one of the most well-known phrases of the Dark Knight of Gotham. In this way, Alexa’s voice will become Batman’s unmistakable one. And she will speak the dark words of the hero.

Alexa keeps all of its smarter features. But more and more Amazon is launching fun initiatives to engage users. In recent months we have seen her active in promotions for films and news, we have even heard her Fr.arlare in “italics”. That of Batman, however, is a novelty that for sure will please the many fans of the DC hero.

What do you think about it? Have you already tried to make Alexa speak like Batman? Write your favorite phrases below in the comments.