Alexa recognizes new sounds: now notifies the user of the end of the washing machine

Alexa riconosce nuovi suoni: ora avvisa l'utente della fine della lavatrice thumbnail

TOKYO, JAPAN – JUNE 28TH, 2018. Amazon’s Echo Dot, Alexa virtual assistant on wooden board.

Amazon recently introduced a new feature for Alexa. The virtual assistant is able to hear certain types of sounds, identifying them thanks to the Custom Sound Detection function. This function continues to evolve. Now Alexa is capable of recognize specific sounds such as running water and the beeps of certain equipment. Users can set up routines and reminders related to these sounds.

Alexa learns to identify specific sounds

With the latest evolutions in your tracking and identification functionality, Alexa will be able to send a notification when the washing machine beeps to indicate the completion of the wash. Likewise, Alexa can identify the sound of running water warning the user that the tap has been open for too long. In this way, you will not run the risk of forgetting the open water. In this way, Alexa becomes an even more complete and precise assistant. Even small household businesses can become smoother thanks to Amazon’s assistant tracking capabilities

Many new applications in the future

The fields of application of these Alexa capabilities in the future will be significant. Progressively, Amazon’s virtual assistant will become more and more precise and able to listen carefully to everything that happens at home to start notifications, reminders and particular routines according to various needs. The recognition of his, more and more refined, opens the door to many additional features for Alexa.