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Lenovo launches Work for Humankind: here’s how to participate

Volunteering on Robison Crusoe’s Chilean Island? Thanks to the new Lenovo Work for Humankind project it is possible.

Lenovo launches the Work for Humankind social initiative

The new project of Lenovo, announced just today, it is called Work for Humankind and aims to contribute to the well-being ofRobison Crusoe island. The latter, located in about 640 km from mainland Chile, it is literally one of the most remote places in the world. Its ecosystem is extremely fragile and the local community has numerous problems, including health and education.

With Work for Humankind Lenovo proposes to bring to the island the volunteers who decide to join the project, establishing and creating an on-site technology hub. Volunteers will be selected based on parameters such as competence and specialization. These, in addition to working remotely, will be able to provide their input to the local community. Services, education, health, but also fauna prevention, given the high risk of extinction of some species on the island. Lenovo also wants to bring connectivity to the island, with bandwidth that can reach at least at 10 Mbps.

From now on it is possible to volunteer on the dedicated website. Applications are open until December 30, 2021.

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