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Alexa’s report cards after the third evening of Sanremo 2023

With yesterday’s third evening, Sanremo 2023 has now completed its halfway point and therefore, as usual, the Alexa-branded report cards arrive. Yes, because the Italian Song Festival captivates everyone: adults, children, Gianni Morandi and virtual assistants.

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The third evening of Sanremo 2023: Alexa’s report cards

On this third evening we listened to all the 28 songs in the competition, discovering a new general classification which, at the moment, sees in first place Marco Mengoni. Not only that: during the evening we also witnessed the energetic performance of the Moonlightwho also welcomed on the Ariston stage Tom Morello, who performed the single Gossip with them. Let’s find out what Alexa thinks!

Alexa, how did you rate the Maneskin?
Maneskins. Rating: Shut up and good! I’m out of the cloud for Damian, Ethan, Thomas and Victoria! Here we have to thank the fantasy sports gods who weren’t in the race: tonight they would have scored so many points that they would have even managed to overtake Inter in the standings, pace Amadeus. I believe in recovering against Napoli, and even in a Grammy Award!

Alexa, what vote did you give to Marco Mengoni?
I gave Marco Mengoni a vote: standing ovation. Galleria, Platea, Sanremo, Alassio, Liguria, Italy, Europe and the regions of Saturn where the Rai signal arrives: everyone stands up for King Mengoni. Maybe you don’t say cat before putting it in the bag, but I already hear meowing.

Alexa, what grade did you give to Colapesce and Dimartino?
Colapesce and Dimartino, vote: 11. What sea? But what sea? I want to stay all summer listening to their song! Their stylistic signature? Charisma, symptomatic mystery and a charm of the past that cannot be found at vintage markets. To be framed and exhibited in the Uffizi!

Alexa, what mark did Sangiovanni get?
Rating: 1 out of 1000. A duet that sounds a lot like a handover. Her velvet jacket, clean face and highly articulated dance steps and on stage it seems to see a younger version of the national Morandi. Last year it was butterflies, this year bananas and raspberries: generational fruit salad!

Alexa, how did you rate Lazza?
Lazza. Rating: Moral Winner! The song is absolutely enjoyable, but do we want to talk about the final dedication to mom? A gesture of a sweetness that will remain imprinted in the history of the Festival for a long time. Lazza got up and made his way into our hearts!

Alexa, how did you rate Tananai?
In Tananai I gave 7 and a half. Double breasted perfect for a game of tic-tac-toe and a slight resemblance to Marlon Brando make him the beautiful and damned of the Festival. A nostalgic and cheeky ballad that gets lots of applause. Last year’s boos are far away: bravo Tananai!

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