Musk’s obsession with his Twitter account costs an engineer his job

L'ossessione di Musk per il suo profilo Twitter costa il posto a un ingegnere thumbnail

According to the latest reports, it appears that Elon Musk have an obsession with the success of their own Twitter profile – so much so that he fired the engineer who pointed out to him the drop in interactions on social media.

Musk obsessed with his Twitter profile popularity – and fires an engineer

Even though he became the owner and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk does not seem happy with the numbers made by his profile on the social network. So much so that she held a meeting asking why, although she has over 100 million followers, she only has a few hundred thousand tweet interactions.

An engineer then showed a series of graphs compiled by the analysis team, which show how Musk’s popularity is declining. Not only on Twitter but also on Google Trends, which measures searches. Made a hundred la popularity reached last Aprilwhen with the acquisition of Twitter everyone was talking about Musk (including us), today we are just around new ones.

“It’s ridiculousMusk commented, according to Corriere della Sera. And looking at the engineer who had reported the multibillionaire’s decline in popularity, he said: “You’re fired. You’re fired”.

Musk had repeatedly asked employees to verify that the number of interactions on his tweets was not due to a limitation imposed by the algorithm. When the team found no evidence, Musk fired whoever explained that, simply, the people don’t talk about him that much anymore.

The obsession with the numbers on one’s profile seems to have cost an engineer his job. Knowing all the nuances of this story is not possible for anyone who was not at that meeting – and certainly Musk will have a different version that could explain everything rationally. But what emerges from the rumors seems to be a social version of the story of the Nude King. Also if we are not sure that Musk understands the moral.


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