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Alfa Romeo F1 Team x BOOGIE Art Car: graffiti at high speed

Art and engines merge with Alfa Romeo F1 Team x BOOGIE Art Car. Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated article

The Alfa Romeo F1 Team, in collaboration with the world famous artist BOOGIEis carrying out an exceptional artistic project: l’Art Car. This initiative has captured the attention of fans around the world and is heading towards an exciting weekend at the Olanda Grand Prix at Zandvoort. After a year-long journey that traversed Switzerland and the UK, the Art Car is coming to an epic conclusion in the Netherlands, with a host of engaging activities for fans. The car, unmistakably painted in the style of BOOGIEwas presented against the majestic backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

The artwork on the bodywork encompasses deep symbols and meanings, such as team unity and the speed inherent in Formula One. This project is not just a work of art, but a tribute to the team’s philosophy and the energy of the fans. Fan engagement has been a key pillar of this initiative. Thanks to JigSpace, fans can enjoy an augmented reality representation of the Art Car from the comfort of their homes. The car made its debut at a number of public events, culminating in an art show at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team x BOOGIE Art Car: graffiti at high speed

Alfa Romeo F1 Team x BOOGIE Art Car: a new combination!

During the Dutch Grand Prix, the Art Car will occupy a place of honor in the Fan Zone, where fans will be able to admire it and capture its beauty through their cameras. Additionally, a limited edition clothing collection of CODE ZERO, inspired by the art of BOOGIE, will be available at the same booth. The Art Car is not just a physical experience, it has also extended into the virtual world. Video game fans can download the Art Car livery in the official video game of F1, allowing everyone to participate in the celebrations. The culmination of this extraordinary initiative will be an auction, where unique items related to the Art Car will be offered, including the possibility of winning the Art Car itself.

All proceeds will go to support Save the Children, the charity partner of the team. The Alfa Romeo F1 Team x BOOGIE Art Car has captured the imagination of fans and created a unique link between art, motorsport and charity. This project demonstrated how the worlds of sport and the arts can come together to create an engaging and meaningful experience for everyone.

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