Alfa Romeo Milano out on April 10th

With just under a month to go, we are almost at the fateful day which is getting closer and closer. The new Alfa Romeo Milano will soon be presented, due out on 10 April 2024

If we think of a large historic Italian automotive company, that is not Ferrari, is the one and only Alfa Romeo, one of the most named, loved and famous companies in the world when it comes to the production of Italian engines. In a few days, precisely on April 10, 2024we will see the new one Alfa Romeo Milan, released directly on the day of the streaming which you can find below. There are also other surprises in store for us, including the new Stelvo and Giulia for 2026, but what many are waiting for is the B-series SUV. This model will be the first with the 100% electric powertrain in the history of the Stellantis group. The SUV will be showcased via live streaming at 5pmwe will immediately link you to the live broadcast with the countdown.

Milan, the heart of the new Alfa Romeo coming out

From the message we can read from the Alfa Romeo group, we can understand the importance of the city of Milan for the company, which represents their beating heart. The company was born 113 years ago precisely in this city and underlines the symbiotic relationship that exists between Milan and Alfa Romeo. At the moment we still don’t know much, but we know that it will have a length of 430 cm and will take advantage of a versatile architecture that will allow the implementation of modern technologies. This car is very important not only because it is the first 100% electric from the Stellantis group, but also because it will have a very low price compared to the norm, an incentive to push even younger customers to buy this car. Under the hood there should be a Q4 Hybrid alongside the electric motor, a 136 HP Miller cycle turbo petrol engine and a second 20 kW electric motor. The car should be around 30,000 euros.

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