Alien: Isolation debuts on Android and iOS: that’s when

Alien: Isolation debutta su Android e iOS: ecco quando thumbnail

Alien: Isolation is about to land on devices Android e iOS starting with the next one December 16. Pre-orders are already open and the SEGA title will cost € 14.99 and in the meantime Feral Interactive has confirmed that it will be a 100% faithful port of the original product, therefore without compromises due to its nature of mobile game.

Alien: Isolation arrives on iOS and Android

Alien: Isolation is now a historical title for lovers of the horror genre. First released in 2014 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 it still manages to be an absolutely terrifying product and for several good reasons. The game tells the story of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the most famous Ellen Ripley, committed to uncovering the reasons behind her mother’s disappearance.

Our protagonist then goes to the space station Sevastopol in search of the black box that could contain key information for her research, but once she arrives at her destination she finds that most of the crew were killed by one Xenomorfo.

Just the Xenomorph is one of the strengths of the title, given that the lethal alien beast is moved by advanced artificial intelligence specifically designed to study the player’s behavioral patterns and then act accordingly to find the most efficient way to kill him. The impression in the fine product is that the monster was always one step ahead of the player, always keeping him on his toes.

Six years after its launch, SEGA and Feral Interactive bring this space horror to mobile devices, with a control system designed specifically for touchscreens. If you have never had the opportunity to try it and you are interested in a video game capable of really terrifying, Alien: Isolation is for you.