All about Spotify Wrapped 2022: when it arrives and what the annual recap will look like

All about Spotify Wrapped 2022: when it arrives and what the annual recap will look like

We are approaching the end of the year, a time for annual reports and good resolutions for the next 12 months. Before 2022 shows us the end credits, however, as per tradition, it’s time for Spotify Wrappedthe annual summary of our ratings on the streaming platform.

A precise date for the 2022 edition of Wrapped hasn’t been announced at the moment, but Spotify has promised that the feature will arrive “very soon”. After all, it will be impossible to find out about it given that, if it is like in recent years, the Wrapped will be everywhere on social media.

What we know and what to expect from Spotify Wrapped 2022

As far as we know Wrapped 2022 is coming to the Spotify mobile app (and therefore not from the browser and on the desktop app). Last year Wrapped arrived on December 1, 2021, while the previous year it arrived on December 2. Both days were Wednesdays. The very first edition, that of 2019, debuted on December 5, a Thursday. Wrapped 2022 could therefore be very close.

In reality, a dedicated official website already exists (you can find it at this link). The web page is live, but it still doesn’t allow you to use the hugely popular feature.

Wrapped 2022 will show each user a series of statistics and graphs relating to the listeners of the last 12 months. The feature will show us how many hours of music we listened to, which artists we played the most, and some interesting podcast metrics. There will also be a summary of the music genres that have dominated our listens, as well as global statistics on user listens.

While waiting for Wrapped, we suggest you try Instafest: a third-party app that connects to your Spotify data to automatically create a list of a hypothetical festival with the artists you’ve listened to the most. Below you will find our lineup.

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