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All about The Criminal Enterprises: the new update to GTA Online

The excruciating heat of recent weeks is not limited only to Italy, but is also affecting the state of San Andreas. And as if that weren’t enough, gasoline prices are skyrocketing in Los Santos, causing a certain discontent among dealers and those peaceful inhabitants armed to the teeth. But not all evil comes to harm: in this chaos of revolt there are those who take advantage of it. With the new update for GTA Online coming tomorrow (july 26)called The Criminal Enterprises, players will be able to take on new missions related to the increase in fuel prices.

The earning opportunities are manifold, both for CEOs and bikers, and concern various activities, such as the night club and the bunker. The IAA, however, has the impression that the Duggans, oil tycoons, are manipulating the system in their favor, and investigating them.

GTA Online: All the news of The Criminal Enterprise update

In addition to improvements in individual criminal careers, players will be able to take advantage of increased rewards (both GTA $ and RP) on various activities. Here are all the news:

  • Senior executives (CEO): Office owners will notice the new HR manager: Lupe. A woman ready to help procure special loads for empty shelves. Executives will also have a new side business available, in which a shipment of special loads it will arrive every day out of the warehouse, ready for delivery to the dock. In addition, two new sources of special cargo will be added to the mix of recovery missions, increasing the variety of missions available to white-collar workers across the country.
  • Bikers: all clubhouses equipped with apersonal workshop will receive an update. MC Presidents will be able to modify customers’ bikes by following the instructions and deliver them to earn GTA $ and RP. Centaurs will also be able to improve their reputation and earn money by completing two new ones Clubhouse Fees (found on the whiteboard in the clubhouse meeting room). Finally, some customers are storming your clubhouse bar: a new one refueling mission of the bar will help you keep the kegs full and the customers happy, while also earning you a nice nest egg.
  • Arms dealers (bunker): Stock a certain Ammu-Nation shop to receive an additional source of income. Also, when you refuel the bunker through missions, you will find two new ones refueling missions. Players will also be able to call Agent 14 to help them complete the new challenges.

  • Night Club: two new refueling missions also for the night club. Added to this are new assignments to keep popularity high (such as kicking out harassing customers and hiding the unconscious bodies of VIPs who have “partyed too much”)
  • Undercover missions: the IAA has sniffed out a plot, and the ULP Agent will contact you to propose new missions called Operation Paper Trail. 1 to 4 players will be able to investigate the oil tycoons to find out if they are the invisible hand that is manipulating gas prices.

New vehicles and general gameplay improvements

In addition to the new activities, The Criminal Enterprises update brings with it two new vehicles and customizations for cars you already own. Other new features include:

  • Missiles in search of the Oppressor MK II depowered (sorry griefers)
  • Easy access to snacks and bulletproof vests
  • Permanent increases in Career earnings and Adversary Modes
  • Earnings increased for all Original Shots and for Apocalypse Strike (Doomsday Heist)
  • Higher salaries for guards, associates and members of the Motorcycle Club

The Criminal Enterprises will officially arrive tomorrow, July 26, 2022, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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