All about the electricity column: all the basic info

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Twenty-six thousand charging points for electric cars distributed throughout the territory from North to South. At least another two thousand in the pipeline only for the city of Rome by the Jubilee 2025

These are important numbers which testify to how Italy is making great strides in the European panorama in the field of sustainable mobility.

In fact, as Acea reports through the infographics “Everything about the electricity column”, Italy is currently in second place in Europe for the number of recharging stations for each electric or hybrid car registered, with an average annual growth of electricity columns equal to 48.4%.

Electric column: all the basic info

Italy’s strong commitment in the green mobility sector is not limited only to the installation of an ever-increasing number of electricity supply points. The aim is also to develop new technologies that can offer new ways to recharge cars such as, for example, induction systems and off-grid devices.

In the not too distant future, therefore, motorists could thus end up filling up their vehicle’s batteries with energy without necessarily having to use the charging cable or by adopting other devices such as e-vans, mobile stations, robots. , battery swap and storage systems with renewable energy sources.

But that is not all. In the next few years, thanks to the “Smart Road” project, the aim will also be to develop smart roads by installing the so-called “Green Island” on either side of them. Located every 20-30 km, these islands will be able to generate electricity from renewable sources to be used for both the road network and electric vehicles.

Italy’s plan seems clear: to reduce CO2 emissions and make the peninsula as sustainable as possible, mainly by intervening on mobility. And it could not be otherwise, given that 92.6% of greenhouse gas emissions come from road transport.