All about the latest update of Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile: tutte le novità introdotte dall’ultimo aggiornamento thumbnail

The new update of Black Desert Mobile has introduced a number of new features Not only new rewards, but also an improved collaborative battle mode. Also inserted a totally new scenario: the First Prophet’s Room, in which the Ancient Warrior Kabimilles will be faced.

Black Desert Mobile: all the news

Great news for players of Black Desert Mobile. Thanks to the new update, in fact, they can earn even more prestigious materials by entering the room of the First Prophet in the Ancient Ruins. The latter is a collaborative battle mode that players can use to play with other adventurers. Also among the new entries is the First Prophet’s Room: a completely new stage. Players will need the Tangled Time to enter the room to face Ancient Warrior Kabumilles. Rewards include the materials needed to upgrade the Primal Luminous Stone.

Players can create a Primal Luminous Stone with an Abyssal Luminous Stone and a Holy Vial of Light. Don’t miss the chance to strengthen your character with a new Lightstone level!

also added the new PvP mode called Heroes of Rough. This is a purely skill-based 1v1 competition. Players who reach certain milestones will be rewarded with Black Pearls, the in-game currency of the Black Desert.

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