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All data from Amazon’s Italy Plan in 2021

In a report released today, Amazon has published the data relating to the so-called Italy Plan in 2021, summarizing all the investments of the giant in the Italian market. In total, the company has opened on the Italian territory over 60 structures, with a total investment of 4 billion euros. Suffice it to say that since the opening of Amazon.it – ​​in 2010 – total investments have been 12.6 billion.

After all 2021 was a watershed year for the global economy, between a pandemic that was beginning to fade and digitalization that was pushing the accelerator. In this context, Amazon has continued its commitment to protect the purchasing power of consumers, while focusing on environmental sustainability.

A positive year that continued into 2022, with the creation of 3,000 new permanent jobs. Currently Amazon has over 17,000 employees and 108,000 indirect jobs in Italy totals supported by the investments and services provided by the company.

The 2021 of Amazon’s Italy Plan

According to the study by The European House – Ambrosetti, which analyzes large companies in Italy, Amazon is among the top five foreign private companies that have invested the most in terms of capital spending in Italy in the period 2019-2021. Below is Amazon’s Italy 2021 Plan in numbers:

  • Over 4 billion euros invested (for a total of 12.6 billion since 2010)
  • Increase of the workforce to 14,000 employees (with the creation of 3,000 new jobs in 2022, for a total of 17,000 jobs in Italy)
  • Support for the 20,000+ SMEs selling on Amazon.it (including the 4,500 companies that use the Made in Italy showcase to export their products)
  • Maintenance of the over 60 structures currently active in Italy (both logistic and corporate)
  • Salaries for Italian salaries of approximately 35.8 million euros per month (a sharp increase compared to the 24.5 million in 2020). The increase is mainly due to the growth in the number of employees committed to supporting customers during the pandemic.
  • Top Employer Certification, recognition awarded for diversity-conscious and inclusive work environments that foster professional development opportunities and the training programs that are offered to employees. Certification then maintained also in 2022.
  • Achievement of 85% renewable energy in all global operations. Progress in terms of decarbonisation which is reflected in carbon intensity, which decreased by 1.9%.
  • Announcement of the first two off-site solar projects in Sicily

Mariangela Marseglia VP and Country Manager of Amazon Italy and Spain 2 1Mariangela Marseglia, VP Country Manager Amazon.it and Amazon.es

Here are the words of Mariangela Marseglia, VP Country Manager Amazon.it and Amazon.es:

“We too, like many other companies, are impacted by the current macroeconomic challenges that entail an increase in operating and energy costs. Our long-term approach translates into a commitment to support our employees, offer our customers the widest selection while keeping prices low in a context of high inflation, and contribute to the country’s priorities: employment, digitalisation, sustainability, skills . Italy is a hotbed of talents and opportunities and we are pleased to play a role in promoting and supporting growth ”.

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