Apple will launch a customizable accessibility mode in iOS

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Apple will officially release iOS 16.2 during the next month of December. The rollout should start in the middle of the month even if, for the moment, there is no official date yet. Among the novelties of iOS 16.2 there will also be one Custom Accessibility Mode. This is an accessibility mode that can be customized by the user. Here are the full details:

Apple will introduce a customizable accessibility mode in iOS 16.2

The new Custom Accessibility Mode will present various options for users. With this iOS 16.2 mode, in fact, Apple aims to offer users several options to adapt the operating system to their needs.

In fact, when starting this mode, it will be possible to choose between one Simplified Home or one Larger UI (to increase the size of keys and controls). There will also be one Customizable version which will allow users to modify various parameters of the UI, adapting them to their needs.

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This novelty will be an integral part of iOS 16.2 and more details on how it works will arrive over the next few weeks. We remind you that the release of the new iOS update is scheduled for the second half of December. We’ll see how this new way is implemented to improve accessibility of Apple’s operating system.