All for Uma: the official trailer of the new film by Susy Laude

The official trailer of the new film Tutti per Uma by Susy Laude is available. The new fairy tale comedy available from 2 June in Italian cinemas. With protagonists Lillo Petrolio, Pietro Sermonti and Antonio Catania

Distributed by Vision Distribution, the new fairy tale comedy by Susy Laude (Blissful ignorance, If you love me). A first work born from the simple idea of tell the contradictions and frivolities of human nature, ready to involve all ages. Three generations under one roof, ready to get involved with the adventures and misadventures of life, placing themselves halfway between reality and fantasy.

With an exceptional cast like Lillo Petrolio (recently appeared in the LOL gameshow: who laughs and out), Pietro Sermonti, Antonio Catania, Laura Bilgeri and Carolina Rey. Below is the official trailer.

Plot and curiosity | All for Uma: the official trailer of the new film by Susy Laude

A simple family comedy ready to demonstrate how the fairy tale manages to break into reality. A choral film born from the desire to demonstrate in its simplicity to face one’s fears and believe more in oneself.

The family Ferliga they are well-known winegrowers, ready to keep the family business firm once known throughout Italy. Three generations live together under the same roof between bizarre events and vicissitudes that keep their days busy. Grandfather Attila (Antonio Catania) is the typical old-fashioned master father; his younger brother Dante (Lillo Petrolo), a big child who never grew up, his son Ezio (Pietro Sermonti), widower who turned to beekeeping, and the grandchildren Francesco, passionate about dance, and Emanuele, the youngest. The dog is also male, Mimmo. Suddenly a wind of change moves with the arrival of Uma (Laura Bilgeri). Ready to help them she will be able to bring out the best in each of them.

The film will be available on the big screen on June 2nd.

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