All new games added to Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now enjoy three “new” games in the catalog: two SNES titles and one NES. Specifically it is Congo’s Caper from 1992, Rival Turf of 1992 and Pinball from 1984. We remind you that Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions have two levels, with the basic model offering the possibility of playing online and access to NES and SNES titles. The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack instead offers access to the previous features along with a catalog of video games for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive, as well as various expansions for Nintendo Switch games.

The new games of May 2022 on Nintendo Switch Online: let’s (re) discover them

Congo’s Carper is a 2D action platformer developed by the now defunct Data East Corporation (DECA). The protagonist of the game is called Congo, half man and half monkey, and he will have to save his beloved who has been kidnapped by demons. Once he becomes a monkey Congo will be stronger, but if he is hit he will be a human again. A mechanic very similar to Super Mario that gets stronger by collecting mushrooms. If hit as a man, Congo will lose a life. The release of the game in 1992 was received with coldness by the public, as it did not bring substantial changes to the much more popular platformers in circulation.

Rival Turf is a 2D fighting game developed by the software house Jalco, which closed its doors in 2014. This game was also released in 1992, without too much enthusiasm from the fans. After all, at that time the world of fighting games was dominated by titles that have become iconic, such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Rival Turf follows the adventures of a teenager who faces several enemies in suburban contexts, also here to save his better half. The game supports the ability to play for two locally.

Pinball is, as we can imagine from the title, a simulation of the classic bar pinball machine. The game was developed by Nintendo itself in 1984, and was released the same year on the NES. Also in this case the reactions of the gamers of the time were rather indifferent.